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How to Outfit Your Home with an LED Security System

Security lighting is the number one step homeowners can take to protect their property from unwanted intruders. Statistics show that burglars bypass targets that are difficult to access without being noticed. A well-designed security lighting system can make would-be robbers think again before approaching your property. This guide will show you how to create an effective, low-cost LED security lighting system for your home or business.

  • Use many smaller lights rather than fewer, more powerful lights
  • Large, powerful flood lights are good for open spaces, but can sometimes leave shadows if there are obstacles on your property like buildings and trees. Using a combination of LED flood lights, will reduce shadows and blind spots that intruders can use to hide.
  • Keep lights high and out of reach
  • Its important to make it difficult for burglars to tamper with your security system. Many thieves will plan heists for several weeks. Even the best security lighting can be rendered useless if an intruder is able to disable the system. Keeping lights high and out of reach will make it difficult for your system to be tampered with. Placing lights high will also soften the light for a better look and increased coverage.
  • Use Motion Detector Lights
  • Motion detector lights are an effective way to scare off intruders. Burglars will be on edge during a robbery and having a light come on as they walk by is often times enough to scare them away. A good combination of LED spotlights and motion detector lights will work to keep intruders off of your property and scare away those who dare enter.
  • Keep Front and Back Doors Well-Lit
  • Most criminals seek out targets that can be accessed at night without being seen. Ensuring excellent light coverage at all entrances and exits will deter criminals from planning a robbery at your property.
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