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Antimicrobial LED Lighting

Antimicrobial LED lighting is a groundbreaking advancement in environmental cleanliness and safety. Engineered to deliver illumination and continuous disinfection, antimicrobial LED lighting employs cutting-edge technology to effectively reduce harmful microorganisms. This innovative lighting solution is especially beneficial in commercial settings, where maintaining high hygiene standards is paramount.

By incorporating UV antiviral LED light technology, these lighting systems offer a dual-purpose function. They illuminate spaces while actively working to neutralize viruses and bacteria in the environment. The application of antibacterial LED light further enhances the safety of workplaces, healthcare facilities, and public spaces by targeting and eliminating bacteria that can cause infections and illnesses. Additionally, UV light sanitizer LED options extend the capability of these lighting systems, providing a non-chemical method of sanitation that’s both efficient and environmentally friendly.

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Light Efficient Design, LumiCleanse™, Ultraviolet Germicidal Air Purifier, 350 Watt,-View Product Aleddra, ViraPure®, Air-Sanitizing, Circadian Desktop Light, Touch-Sensitive Controls- View Product LEDi2 UVC High Power UV LED Germicidal Lamp, 300 Watts- View Product
Wattage: CCT:

2,000 sq ft.


Ultraviolet (Internal)

Wattage: CCT:


(5W for LED)


Wattage: Lumens:

300W LED

UV with 260-285nm effective wavelength

UV Light

LLWINC UVC LED RIBBON, 16 Foot Roll, 12V DC- View Product
Wattage: Lumens:

10W UV per meter

UV with 270-405nm effective wavelength

UV Light