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Smart Control LED Grow Light, 650 Watts
James Smart Control LED Grow Light, 650 Watts- View Product

Our Price: $1,275.00

Product Code: GL-J650W-BYZ


● On/off devices to make control much easier

● Step dimming for different period of growth

● Adjustable power consumption and lumination area

● Full spectrum for different period of growth

● High power branded Epileds with high Par Value

● Including Special spectrum like IR (Infrared) to increase the yield.

● Passive heat sink and integrated driver

● Energy Saving, environmental friendly

● Much more convenient repair and replacement in the future

Perfect appliance for
Hydroponics, Horticulture, Agriculture and Greenhouse Seeding, Rooting, Breeding, Flowering and Fruiting period, Bonsai, Growth of Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Marijuana and much more! Shop here to save on LED Grow Lights like the GL-J650W-BYZ and more for all your lighting applications!

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